Half & Half is available on all pizza's for $2.00 extra 



Gluten Free Pizza's  (small size only) extra $3.00

Sorry no online ordering   Call us now!!!   0364242293

Now available Calzone Pizza's

These come in 2 sizes medium  $12

or large  $16.

A calzone is a folded pizza and looks like a pizza pocket


Pizza sizes      baby 9''     medium 11"      large  13"      family 15"

                           6 slices              6 slices                   8 slices                  12 slices

Pizza Breads                      baby   med   large   family
1. Margarita... Tomato, Cheese, Oregano.                 
6.50   9.00  11.50   13.50
2. Garlic or Herb Pizza                      6.50   9.00  11.50   13.50
3. Garlic Bread (feeds 2) - $4.00

Classic Pizzas
Baby $9.00    Medium $12.00,    Large $16.00,    Family $19.0O

4. Aussie... Tomato, cheese, bacon, onion & egg
5. Yobbo... Tomato, cheese, ham, bacon & egg
6. Hawaiian... Tomato, cheese, (ham or chicken) & pineapple
7. Mexicana... Tomato, cheese, hot salami, onion, capsicum, jalapenos, sprinkle of chilli
8. Fungus... Tomato, cheese, double mushrooms. (ham optional)
9. Vegi-patch... Tomoto, cheese, capsicum, mushroom, onion, olives & zucchini
10. Napoli... Tomato, cheese, fresh tomato, anchovies, olives, garlic (chilli optional)                       11.
 Pepperoni...Tomato, cheese, pepperoni ( chilli optional )

12.Brushcetta...Basil pesto base, cheese, fresh tomato slices, Spanish onion &                                    with balsamic glaze.

Gourmet Pizzas
Baby $10.00    Medium $13.00,    Large $17.00,    Family $20.0O

 Fisherman... Tomato, cheese, prawns, clams, scallops & mussels                                                BBQ Chooken... BBQ sauce, cheese, charcoal chicken, onion & bacon
 The Butcher... Tomato, cheese, ham, bacon, ground beef & kransky
 Tandoori... Tomato, cheese, marinated chicken, Spanish onion, topped with yoghurt               Malaysian... Satay sauce, cheese, chicken, onion, capsicum & mango slices
 Vampire Slayer... Tomato, cheese, prawns, double garlic & parsley.
 Sorrento... Sweet chilli & mint sauce, cheese, semi dried tomato, olives, baby spinach,                                                                                  marinated artichoke & fresh tomato

 Pulled Pork...  BBQ sauce , cheese, pulled pork , red onion, 

 Double Bacon Cheeseburger ...  Homemade relish base , cheese, bacon, beef, onion,   topped  with bacon rashes and cheese.
 Rick's Supremo... Tomato, cheese, ham, bacon, salami, mushroom, capsicum, pineapple onion &   chilli
 Reef 'n' Beef... Tomato, cheese, prawns, scallops, ground beef & kransky

 Greek Style...Tomato, cheese, marinated lamb, Spanish onion, olives (optional)                                           drizzled with Rick's own tzatziki.
 Greedy Gutz...(The Lot) No chicken, seafood or egg.   ($1.00 extra)

TRY OUR DIFFERENT BASE SAUCES: BBQ, satay, chilli, sweet chilli, mustard, salsa, peri peri  
Half/half available all sizes, all types  $2.00 extra

Extra toppings:............. Medium $1.50  Large $2.50,  Family $3.50 

Seafood & Cheese extra's..................

                             Medium $2.00   Large $3.00   Family $4.00

 You can phone through your order in advance                   Phone   64242293

(prices may vary and subject to change)

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